JASCON offers Photovoltaic Modules are of high efficiency Mono / Poly Crystalline solar cells. The cells used are of 14.0% to 20.% efficiency. The cells are encapsulated in a low iron content high transmissivity tempered glass using Ultra Violet Stable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) sheets. The premium quality back-sheet protects from the environmental conditions. The laminates are framed with strong, robust and anodized aluminium profile with multiple holes for ease of installation. PV Modules are fitted with 2/3/4-terminal junction box, depending on application. The modules with 4 terminals are generally fitted with bye-pass diodes. The PV modules are used for solar water pumping systems, off-grid rural applications, grid connected systems, roof-top systems, telecom sites, etc.


  • Wide Range of Modules - 3W - 300W
  • High efficiency Crystalline Silicon Cells
  • More reliability
  • 25 Years guarantee
  • High conversion efficiency based on leading innovative photovoltaic technologies
  • Anti reflection coating
  • Compliance with European Standards
  • Current collectors reduce energy losses


JASCON Smart solar street lights are based on super bright LED with backup of Lithium Battery which is effective in energy storing and removes the hassle of maintenance and installation as the system is PLUG and PLAY. Lithium ion battery is maintenance free. One of the key features is that it has slow self-discharge when backup is used providing 1200 working cycle. The battery system has minimum of 5 years of warranty. The standard LED setup consists of chips from CREE or Bridgelux. The battery backup system also has Liquid and gel variance. Looking into the built quality, the housing consists of stylish design, with IP 65 protection, made by aluminium alloy specially designed to meet the long-term needs. The heart of this model is the MPPT controller which controls the working procedure without a glitch. Controller consists of 5- stage time delay and desk down operation which automatically triggers the multi stage dimming mode. Controller provides the option for motion sensor.


  • Latest Li-ion Battery Technology (first time in India)
  • 5years battery life
  • Modular plug & play design
  • 30minute installation
  • Theft proof
  • Maintenance Free
  • Intelligent infrared induction MPPT solar controller
  • Auto On/ Off
  • IP-65, water proof battery enclosure
  • Warranty: 3 year


Jascon offering solar pump inverter solution, Can be convert your existing water pump in to solar water pump. Advance monitoring system with soft start. The unit can be switch on and off by single click in your Hand held device. The unit is inbuilt with wireless tank monitoring system with Auto ON/OFF control. The inverter work with AC grid power and DC solar power, The system is battery less system.


  • Offering AC and DC pump with auto tracking mode system
  • High PV Input Voc 800V
  • 2 KW to 11KW models to choose as per your requirement.
  • Unit comes with Auto cut in and cut off
  • Compatible with IEC standard 3-phase asynchronous motor, 50Hz or 60Hz supported (programmable)
  • Alternative AC Input — compatible with utility or generator.
  • Automatic de-rating motor or unit high temperature.
  • Built in MPPT solar charger
  • GPRS communication with phone / computer monitor and ON/OFF control.


JASCON offers a fridge/freezer unit with 170/240 litre capacities. Due to their energy-efficient cooling concept, JASCON fridges are especially suited for solar-powered applications. The top-quality craftsmanship guarantees a long life. A 12-cm-thick insulation layer made of polyurethane ensures minimal thermal losses. The refrigeration system is equipped with a maintenance-free, brushless DC compressor. The patented low-frost system reduces the formation of water condensation and defrosting of ice. A drainage opening at the base simplifies the interior cleaning.


  • Very Low energy requirement.
  • 12 V or 24 V DC operating voltage featuring low voltage shutoff.
  • ECO – Friendly cooling agent.
  • Mechanical thermostat.
  • Easy – to – clean aluminium lining.
  • Lockable Lid.
  • Interior Light (optional).
  • High temperature Resistant.
  • Adjustable interior temperature.
  • Highly efficient cooling.


Jascon intelligent infrared induction MPPT solar controller is programmable and especially for boost mode LED solar street light system. The charging efficiency is about 20% higher than the traditional PWM controller, which can make the cost of the whole system much lower. It is inbuilt with Led drive and it also have Auto selection LED configuration from 12V to 62V output.


Innovative Max Power Point Tracking(MPPT) technology, tracking efficiency >99%

  • Full digital technology, high charge conversion efficiency up to 98%, discharge conversion efficiency up to 97%.
  • Can output constant current (output current can be set). Accuracy: 50mA, Min current: 30/100mA
  • 5 stages time and dimming can be adjusted, dimming 0~100%
  • Can read parameters and running status
  • If battery voltage is low, it can be set to dimming automatically
  • Dimming start voltage and dimming percentage can be set
  • Auto sleeping during transportation
  • When BMS power off because of LVD, it can activate the system automatically
  • Charging target voltage and charging recovery voltage can be set
  • Day/Night threshold can adjust automatically
  • Remote Unit to configure, with LCD display IP67, Strong and durable aluminum case
  • Full automatic electronic protect function


Solar Road Studs well known for innovative energy solution in increasing road visibility, directions, road safety and illuminating accidents by providing directions on the road, It is also best option for pedestrian vigilance, reducing accidents while crossings due to lack of indication of appropriate crossing sections. It also can be used in speed bumps and traffic intersections. Reflective Road Studs are widely used for increased visibility while keeping the glare in minimum level


Innovative Max Power Point Tracking(MPPT) technology, tracking efficiency >99%

  • No need of electricity
  • Power LED’s for high brightness and Low Power Consumption
  • Automatic ON/OFF Function (Dusk to Dawn)
  • Long life, High performance & Low maintenance
  • Weather Proof system


Jascon innovated a Wireless / 3G,4G Sim Card Solar Power & Batteries 720P IP Security Camera Outdoor IR Night Vision with LED Light, This HD 720P Solar & Battery Power IP Camera equipped with IR double filter, which makes it get clear image both day and night, the night visibility up to 50m. You can use android/iOS mobile devices remote view anywhere anytime. The email alert function, motion detection function and waterproof function make it widely used in outdoor places, Built-in 16GB TF Card, max support 128GB TF Card, LED light control by online or automating Desk down operation with motion sensor system. The multiple unit can be connecting in single sim card/ Wi-Fi.

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