1. E-Cycle

2. E-Bike

3. E- Rickshaw

4. E-Passenger Auto

5. E-Loader Auto

6. E-Bus

7. E-Truck

8. Fork Lift

9. AGV

non Automotive

3. Solar Inverter

4. LED Application

1. Energy storage System

2. Solar System



Designed and built to the highest standard. They are ‘Charged
Faster’ … ‘Last Longer’ and need ‘No Maintenance’.
DIO Lithium-ion Batteries are ideal for E-Vehicles and ESS (Energy Storage System) applications.
We have a complete line of Li-ion batteries exclusively designed for Automotive, E-Vehicles, Off Grid Applications and more.

Dio Li-ion Batteries are ‘Charges Faster’ … ‘Lasts Longer’ and ‘No Maintenance’ Environmental safe.


Comparison of Li-ion with Lead Acid Batteries

Less Space For Battery room

No structure reinforcement required

No oversizing required

Shorter charging time

Battery replacement Intervals

Enhanced Reliability

zero maintenance

No water top up or maintenance required

3x life*

Lithium Ion batteries with extra long life

3x charging speed*

Gets fully charged within 2-3 hours

upto 15% more efficient*

High efficiency cells that save energy

*Under standard conditions


Battery Pack

We promote the renewable source of energy in all sectors. Our emphasis is to providing with indigenous green energy solutions in Automotive, E-Vehicle, E-Scooter and Solar Energy Wind Energy backup. Also provide Lithium Generator With focus on Lithium Technology, we produce different types of Battery Packs from 3.7V to 550V Including over 100 types of BMS with communication port ....

7S 1KW

Battery pack for Solion Inverter

3S 11.8V 18Ah 18650

Battery pack for all in one street light

13S 48V 3.5kWh

Battery pack for E-Vehicle

13S 48V 1kW

Battery pack for Inverter

13S 48V 3kW

Battery pack for E- Vehicle

3.7v 10 to 15ah

Battery pack

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