We are a fast growing company with significant presence in the ‘ECO Energy Conservation’ sector that strictly adheres to Eco-Friendly procedures, by keeping a close check on our business impact on the World Environment. We firmly believe in the importance of environmental awareness. The perpetual price hike in fuel – Petrol and Diesel – has lead us to conceive the utmost solution to counter the present fuel crisis, thereby allowing us to emerge as a socially responsible business, christened ‘Jascon Energy’.
Jascon Energy specialises in utilizing Solar Energy to charge all ESS (Energy Storing System). Jascon Energy manufactures ‘Solion Inverters’ (inbuilt Lithium-ion Battery). Additionally, we supply Solar Energy to end customers worldwide, through our partners located globally. Lithium Batteries is our Core product that embodies our expertise.


Our focus is to always excel in quality of products and dedication in after sales service to provide sustainable, innovative and cost effective solutions to India’s ever increasing energy needs.


Jascon Energy envisions at making simpler and reliable products, than ever before. We never compromise on the confidentiality of our customers.

About Us

A Friendly Team with an Eco-Friendly attitude, we cater to all our client needs. Jascon Energy is a fast moving ‘Solar Energy and energy storage Solutions’ company with a focus on Product Quality combined with a dedicated after sales service to provide a sustainable, innovative and cost-effective solution to India’s ever increasing eco energy need.

While providing a complete power solution for a Data Informatics Centre, our team searched the length and breadth of India for an ‘Energy Efficient and Reliable Backup’. However, we were unable to find any product that would complement affordability, quality and after sales service, forcing us to innovate a solution. Noticing a void in the market for Quality Lithium Batteries, the team decided to provide an economical solution for the same, with the best possible after sales service. This remarkable idea led to the birth of Jascon Energy on 9th December 2013. The name Jascon Energy stands for quality and reliability.



ECO Friendly, no Maintenance, 3X Life
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with Lithium ion Battery
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More reliability, 25 Years guarantee
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We produce a wide range of batteries, suitable for all kinds of application, with a very diverse product category viz. Inverter Battery and Solar Battery, and E-Rickshaw Battery.

E-Vehicle Inbuilt Dual Charging System (DIO-II) … A First in India!


We promote the renewable source of energy in all sectors. Our emphasis is to providing with indigenous green energy solutions in Automotive, E-Vehicle, E-Scooter and Solar Energy Wind Energy backup. Also provide Lithium Generator.

With focus on Lithium Technology, we produce different types of Battery Packs from 3.7V to 550V Including over 100 types of BMS with communication port. These are widely applied too almost all kinds of battery packs.

We are providing offshore (Oil and gas), DP Vessel Engine room and Communication emergency battery system.

We are highly certified company, with certification of BIS and CECRI for entire product range.

Approved By

ARAI - Automotive Research Association Of India
BIS - Bureau Of Indian Standards
CECRI – Central Electro Chemical Research Institute.
MNRE – Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.
ISO 9001 – International Organisation of Standardisation.
The standard power generation ‘Lead Acid Battery’ on an ECO-Bull (Multi Utility Vehicle), by ECO DYNAAMIC EQUIPMENTS, has been successfully replaced by our ‘Lithium E-Vehicle Battery’. The Customary Cargo carrying capacity of the vehicle has increased stupendously, due the light weight Lithium Battery fitted in.


DIO-II is an inbuilt dual charging system. This system aids in charging the Lithium Battery of E-Vehicles, both from the Solar Panel and the AC Charger Simultaneously. It increases the life span and reduces the charging time of the batteries, with MPPT technology incorporated.

The uniqueness, of DIO-II system being the Load Sharing – vehicle whilst running condition – thus, increasing the Life Span of the Batteries.

Charging time required, for a Battery of Life Span 50000 Kilometers and, Battery of Life Span 150000 Kilometers, is completed in two hours. The complete charge (100%) of these Batteries will serve for a minimum of 50 Kilometers*

Whereas, the Charging time required for a Battery, of Life Span 500000 Kilometers is achieved within 30 minutes. The complete charge (100%) of these Batteries will serve for a minimum of 50 Kilometers*. This system has been exclusively designed for E-Vehicles and BUS.

* Kindly refer to chart provided.

Easy to Charge, Minimum Cost for Maximum Power Output and – more importantly – Minimum Power required for Charging, endorse DIO-II Inbuilt Dual Charging System as one of its kind in modern day technology.

Lithium batteries are increasingly being considered as bulk energy storage on-grid applications. One such application being Residential Energy Storage combined with solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, which enable higher self-consumption rates. With the recent decline in feed-in subsidies, this application is looked upon as a lucrative proposal. Although residential energy storage solutions are commercially mature, it remains unclear which system configuration and circumstances, including aggregator-based applications – such as the provision of ancillary services – leads to profitable consumer investments. Therefore, we conduct an extensive simulation study that can jointly capture these aspects. Our results show that, at current battery module prices, optimal system configurations do not lead to profitable investments into Li-Ion batteries, even though used as a buffer for solar energy. The initial setting in which they become profitable – as prices decline further – are larger household appliances located in areas with higher average levels of solar irradiance. If the batteries can be remotely controlled by an aggregator to provide overnight negative reserve, their profitability increases significantly. We welcome you and greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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